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Q: What's the difference between a setting powder and a finishing powder?

A: Yes, there is a difference between a setting powder and a finishing powder! Setting powder is what you use to 'set' liquid or creme foundations. This helps to prevent product transfer from the skin to other things such as clothes, or your phone, as well as reducing the tacky feeling some foundations may leave behind. Setting powder is particularly important for those with more oily skin, as many setting powders contain mattifying agents to help control excess shine.

Setting powders come in both pressed and loose versions, and whichever you choose is simply a matter of personal preference. Pressed powders are typically a bit more travel friendly, but many brands now, such as Priia, have nifty resealable sifters to prevent loose powder flying everywhere after you take the container out of your purse or makeup bag. Setting powders are typically translucent or sheerly tinted, but if you still need more coverage than your creme or liquid foundation provides, you can opt for a powder foundation to set your makeup instead.

Favourite Setting Powders: hp01Priia HydraPrime Oil-Control Powder: $18


Glo Minerals Perfecting Powder: $37


Glo Minerals Luxe Setting Powder: $42

Finishing powders, in contrast, is intended to go on top of setting powder and all other makeup! Most finishing powders have a high level of silica, which refracts light and helps pores and imperfections appear smoother and smaller. Acne safe brands such as Priia, opt for rice, silk, and pearl powders to achieve the same luminescent effect without potentially clogging sensitive pores. Some finishing powders are translucent, and some are sheerly tinted.

Be careful with finishing powders however! When used incorrectly, they can cause flashback in certain lighting situations (think of all the photos of celebrities with white splotches across their face- misuse of finishing powder). Using a finishing powder to set your makeup can backfire under a camera flash, so be sure you are using your beauty arsenal properly. When used correctly, finishing powders decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as pores.


Favourite Finishing Powders:

bfpPriia BEHAVE Finishing Powder: $18

loose-matte-finishing-powder_1Glo Minerals Loose Matte Finishing Powder: $35 (no resealable sifter)



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Q: What's with this 'body wrap' craze I keep hearing about?

A: Body wraps have been a popular spa treatment for centuries now, dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times. They were popularized again in mainstream media during the late 80s and early 90s, and in the last year or so have experienced yet another revival. Today, there are many different type of body wraps available on the market. Some body wraps are purely for the treatment and beautification of the skin, while others help to detox and slim. Many body wraps of the beautification type are paired with a scrub prior to being wrapped in order to allow maximum absorption of the product. The scrub can be anything from a salt or sugar based scrub, to an exfoliant with jojoba beads or mild enzymes to eat away dead skin. These treatment type of body wraps involve a moisturizing product that is then applied to the skin, and the client's entire body is wrapped in linen cloths or plastic film (please read below for health warning about plastic film wraps) and lightly cocooned within blankets or heated tents. After about an hour, the wraps are removed and the excess product is toweled or rinsed off.

After the removal of the body wrap, clients will experience very soft, deeply moisturized skin. Treatments for the skin can be customized by your skincare professional, much like a facial to achieve specific results. Hydrating as well as anti aging or skin tightening benefits are among popular body wraps that are suitable for most anyone when using linen cloths.

To get the most out out your relaxing treatment style body wrap, you can always add on a hand, scalp and/ or foot massage while your wrap is on. This would also be the perfect time to add on a facial so that you face will be as exfoliated and refreshed as the rest of your body. Some spas also have collagen eye, lip, and face treatments or paraffin available, and most all of these add ons work great for your detox body wraps as well!

When you move into using the plastic film to wrap the body, as well as the contour body wraps, you begin to limit the number of people who are able to receive the service. Clients with circulation problems, excessively low or high blood pressure, diabetes, or clients who are pregnant should avoid these types of wraps.

While detoxification body wraps also help to tighten any loose skin from previous weight loss, their main attribute is how the detox process typically helps shed unwanted pounds or inches in the form of said toxins. They are great to help jump start a new weight loss program (Hello, New Year's Resolutions!!), as well as to boost an existing workout regime. Contour body wraps are also considered one of the "secrets of the Hollywood stars" because of their frequent use immediately prior to awards shows and appearances.

Detox body wraps usually start and end with getting your measurements taken so you can see just how many inches you've lost in just an hour. Then, if using a film style detox body wrap, you will be dry brushed before a wrap solution/lotion is applied to the skin, then wrapped from neck to wrists/ankle in plastic film. If receiving a contour body wrap, you may or may not omit the dry brush step as the added compression from the mineral solution soaked contour wrap bandages help the product to penetrate. Both wraps leave hands and feet exposed, so at this time your technician will either perform your hand or foot massage if requested, or place your extremities in plastic bags to collect any solution drainage from your wrap. You will now be loosely wrapped in larger plastic sheeting or cocooned in a few sheets to maintain a warm temperature to help your mineral detox wrap solution work it's magic. After being unwrapped and remeasured, your wrap is complete!

To get the most relaxing experience out of your detox body wrap you can definitely try one of the aforementioned add ons, but to get the overall most efficient detox, you will have to also put in a bit of work at home. Most detoxification style body wraps require you to drink at least a gallon of water in the 24 hours following your wrap, and you are advised to shower right before your appointment with no lotions or creams on the skin. You also want to allow the remnants of the mineral wrap solution to continue to absorb into the skin, so showering after your wrap should wait at LEAST 12 hours, as long as 20-24 hours if possible.

And while you can get several of most detox body wraps back to back, there is plenty you can do to help maintain your inch loss at home. Healthy diet and lifestyle choices as well as a simple but effective bi weekly workout can make all the difference in maintaining results from your wraps.

If you want the body wrap to do all the work for you, ask your technician if they have any wrap packages where you receive 25-30 wraps per month- and yes, that means just about DAILY. If you are actively working at a weight loss goal and want to speed up your progress and help prevent some of the loose skin, weekly to bi weekly wraps are for you. If you have already achieved your weight loss goals and are just looking for a regular detox to help maintain your shape, you may want to be wrapped only once every month or two.

I do mobile contour wrap parties from time to time, and here is a client who let me take before and after photos to share. This was her result in just ONE HOUR!! My clients have all had about 6-22 inches lost total, with an average of 2-3 of those inches being eliminated on the belly button line and 1-2 inches gone from the jeans waist (where your jeans/ pants sit on the hip).

Now, with all this being said, please keep in mind, a real body wrap involves wrapping your ENTIRE body, not just one small section. Having just one body part wrapped using contour body wraps greatly reduces the toxins that are eliminated, which greatly reduces any overall effects. A popular MLM business that sells plastic patches that only cover the front half or a small part of one section of the body also cannot match the results from a true full body contour wrap (so if you tried that and liked it, you'll LOVE the real thing). Go out and #getwrapppedlikeamummy ladies!


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Sanitation Series

Beauty Sanitation Part 2: How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is one of the most important things a makeup wearer can do to keep your skin healthy, prevent breakouts, and extend the life of your makeup. Oils from your skin, as well as dead skin cells can build up in the bristles of your makeup brushes, and this can be redeposited into your skin and onto the surface of your makeup. If you have ever had difficulty getting a powder product onto your brush or applicator, and perhaps noticed a shiny spot in the middle of your powder, then you have witnessed first hand what is referred to as 'glazing' of your product. This happens when oil and skin cells are transferred from your brush or applicator and build up to form a layer that makes it difficult to get to the product underneath. This can be solved by taking a paper towel or clean mascara spoolie and gently exfoliating and removing the surface layer.

Preventing this from happening in the first place is just as simple!

Simply wet your brush under lukewarm water, and apply a bit of your chosen brush shampoo to the tips. Swirl the brush in the palm of your hand until the suds are free of color and rinse your brush. Lay flat to dry with the bristles hanging over the edge of the table or counter. Do NOT dry brushes upright as the water will seep into the ferrule and handle of the brush, causing brush hairs to loosen and wood handled brushes to warp and crack.

There are many popular brush shampoos on the market. Some of my favorites are the: E.L.F Brush Shampoo, $3 at Eyes Lips Face and Pure Goat Milk Solid Brush Shampoo: English Lavender (they also have other scents and vegan versions!), $18. London Brush Company.

In a pinch, I will even use 3 parts Dawn original dish soap to 1 part Extra Virgin Olive Oil blended as a brush shampoo.

If you wear makeup almost everyday, you should definitely be washing your brushes at least once a week, if not more often. If you only wear makeup maybe once or twice a week, you should still wash your brushes about every two weeks, or monthly at MINIMUM.



Ashlie Lauren