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Q: What's the best makeup remover for sensitive eyes?


Now, best is very subjective, but the makeup remover I've found to be most effective, yet still gentle is MAKEUP FOREVER Sens'Eyes. It is hands down my personal favorite makeup remover since the first time I tried it on thick black waterproof gel liner. By simply letting it sit for a few seconds. I was able to completely wipe it all off without any tugging or scrubbing what-so-ever. Not only does this wonder product take off the stubborn and waterproof makeup, but it does so while still being safe for contacts lens wearers! It is also mineral oil free, so it doesn't leave behind any oily residue, which means you could reapply makeup right after with no issues.

MAKEUP FOREVER products are only available online, or in Sephora stores. The link to check it out is below!

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Stay glam! Ashlie Lauren xoxo