The eyes are the windows to the soul, so let’s get those shutters aflutter!


Natural Glam Lash Extensions: $170

Lash extensions are the healthier alternative to achieve extra glam! What makes lash extensions so different is that during application, one set of tweezers is used to isolate a SINGLE one of your natural lashes! With her other hand, your aesthetician, Ashlie Lauren, will carefully pick up and fan one to seven uber fine false lashes and attach them to your single natural lash that was isolated.

Most adults have between 150-200 natural lashes in varying stages of growth, and typically 60-80% of them will in the proper growth phase for lashing! You may choose how full you would like your lashes by choosing a Baby, Natural, Natural Glam, Glam, or Xtreme Glam set! Since you lose 2-5 lashes per day naturally, you should expect to get fills every 2-3 weeks, depending on lifestyle.

Add Lash Line Enhancement and Microblading, get your regular facials, and sleep in an extra 20 minutes to an hour every morning!! #wakeuplikethis


Semi-Permanent Mascara: $75

Want longer, fuller lashes when you wake up? Can’t find the right mascara to make them long, thick, and curly? Or do you suffer from the dreaded ‘raccoon eye’ by midday?

This treatment will help you skip a step in the morning by giving you smudgeproof, waterproof lashes 24/7. Similar to tubing mascaras, SPM coats each individual lash with a lengthening and volumizing professional grade mascara that lasts 4-6 weeks.

Add a Lash Lift for $50 and throw away your eyelash curlers!


Individual Flare Lashes: $20 - $25

Strip lashes are supplied and applied for just $10, but when someone hears ‘individual lashes,’ this is most often what they were talking about. Individual Flare lashes can be done as a Natural Set (above) or as a Full Set.

With this technique, clusters of 7-25 lashes are placed on the lash line, but no single natural lash will be able to support these! A single cluster is supported by 5-12 natural lashes. Since you lose 2-5 lashes per day naturally, you should have these removed and a fresh set applied every 10-14 days to avoid damage to your natural lash.