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Fitness Class Descriptions & FAQ

Important to remember:

  1. Do NOT use or wear any lotions or oils prior to pole classes.
  2. Even though our pole classes are competitively priced, you get ALL the attention to yourself (unless you take advantage of #3). Yes, that means 1 on 1, PERSONAL classes.
  3. All pole classes (except boot camp) are bring a friend and get a half hour extension on your lesson! Groups of 3 or more, contact for pricing info.


Pole Fitness: Beginner Tricks // 1 Hour You'll start with a quick warm up and end with a cool down stretch. In between, you'll learn basic spins and build muscle in your arms and core to prepare for inverted tricks in Intermediate level. You will also learn basic grips and transitions to improve overall flow. After a few sessions, you will have started to build strength to begin your ascent to the top of the pole!

Pole Fitness: Intermediate Tricks // 1 Hour Once you've mastered the Beginner Tricks and a solid climb, you're ready to fly as an Intermediate aerialist! You will learn more difficult spins and begin to explore inverted tricks in Intermediate level. You'll also learn more grips and transitions to improve overall flow. You will also have the opportunity to spice up Beginner level tricks by performing them with one or no hands!

Pole Fitness: Advanced Tricks // 1 Hour After Beginner and Intermediate moves have become a piece of cake, it's time to start learning tricks pole dreams are made of. You will learn advanced inverted tricks & impressive drops and combos. LOADS of upper body strength and flexibility is required for optimal performance. And of course, Intermediate level tricks will get a reboot with hands free and one handed variations. 

Pole Fitness Boot Camp // 45 Minutes Enjoy a fun, yet intensive, high cardio workout featuring specialty bodyweight exercises using the pole, as well as light weights and kettlebells. Boot Camp is a great way to condition for Intermediate and Advanced Pole Tricks as you build muscle in your arms, legs, and core. Don't fear, a 15 - minute cool down is included in your session.

Sexy Pole // 1 Hour 18+ ONLY. Explore your sensual side and start putting together moves you've mastered in 'Pole Tricks' to create a one of a kind routine, or just work on your flow. Focus is on transitions, floorwork, and bringing your inner confidence and body positivity shine all while having fun! If you've never taken a Pole Tricks class, you will learn 3-5 basic spins along with flow work. 

Yoga-ilates // 30 Minutes A fun crossover of yoga and pilates, this class is great to help stretch out your muscles and improve flexibility. You will perform a variety of standing as well as seated stretches that will also help improve circulation, posture, and enhance muscular coordination. Your choice of music can lead you down the path of serenity and relaxation, or it can energize you with upbeat melodies.

Sexy Flexy // 30 Minutes 18+ ONLY. A sultry twist on our standard Yoga-ilates class! Enjoy the same health benefits as the original while bringing the same inner confidence and body positivity as Sexy Pole. This class will use yoga and Pilates poses and transform them into sensual floorwork exercises.

"Pick One" Boot Camp // 30 Minutes Choose your target for the day- will it be abs, arms, or core?! Start with a short cardio circuit to get your blood pumping, before moving into bodyweight exercises chosen to challenge the day's focus area. Light weights and kettle bells are also a possibility in this class, but if you want pole, you are better off scheduling a Pole Fit Boot Camp instead. Finish off with a cool down stretch and schedule the next session to keep all muscle groups in rotation.

"Overachiever" Boot Camp // 45 Minutes Why choose one muscle group when you can target them all?! Begin with a quick cardio circuit to warm up, then move into exercises that target the whole body. Light weights, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercise help fight flab in this class before your cool down stretch.


Q: What do I need to bring to class? A: Bottled water is provided, but you are welcome to bring your own as well! Also a yoga mat or towel for stretching and an "I Can Do Anything" attitude!

Q: What should I wear for class? A: Typical gym wear like leggings or shorts and a t-shirt, or tank top will do. Intermediate and Advanced level polers should have a bit of skin exposed on the arms and legs to help with grip. Try to wear clothes that are breathable and made of soft material, like cotton. Do NOT wear jewelry and clothes that have buttons, or zippers, which can pinch your skin and/or scratch the pole. Avoid wearing bras with metal or plastic clasps. Sports bras are recommended. Do NOT wear any lotions or oils the day of class.

Q: Is there a weight limit on the pole? A: Our studio uses X Pole brand pole," The Worldwide Leader in Pole and Aerial Fitness, is the #1 Manufacturer of Professional Dance Poles and is the Official Pole of Pole Fitness." which has a 300 lb weight limit.

Q: Do you do on-location classes or parties? A: Yes! By verifying the brand pole you have at home, you can even avoid a set-up fee! If you (or your venue) don't have a pole of your own, we can bring one to the party for you, provided the room has a ceiling height of 7' 4" to 9'. Contact 313.389.6469 or for more information.

Q: I want to buy a pole for my home, what brand do you recommend? A: Well, X Pole of course! You can order one HERE! Chrome is the most popular and standard for industry competitions, but there are other finishes such as brass and titanium gold that help give you a bit more grip.