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Contour Body Wrap Client Info/ FAQ

Q: What is a contour body wrap?A: It's a FULL body, wrap where you are wrapped neck to ankle in warm mineral solution soaked compression bandages. For more info, check out this post I wrote detailing exactly what they are!

Q: Is this another retail product I have to take home and do myself? A: Of course not! Contour body wraps are a specialty service I was fortunate enough to learn in esthetics school. You must be properly trained to avoid damage to the lymphatic system!

Q: Do I need to shower before my wrap? A: Yes, you will want to shower as close to right before your wrap as possible. You are advised not to shower for at least 12-24 hours after your wrap to ensure that your skin continues to absorb the mineral solution.

Q: Should I eat or not eat before my wrap? A: You won't want to eat anything if at all for an hour or two before your wrap to avoid upset stomach due to the pressure on your abdomen from the compression bandages.

Q: Will I be nude for my body wrap? A: You will not be fully nude at all during your wrap, but you will need to strip down to bra/underwear to be wrapped. Cotton undergarments are recommended to allow the mineral solution to properly reach your skin.

Q: Should I bring anything to my appointment? A: You will want to bring a change of undergarments so you are not going home in damp underwear! Water or tea is available upon your request. If you are not booking any add ons such as lashes, facial waxing, and/or a facial during the hour you are in your wrap, you may want to bring a book or mobile device to pass the time.

Q: Will I lose weight during my wrap? A: You very well may lose weight, but what you are almost guaranteed to shed is a total of 3-25+ inches total, taken from various measurements on your body. Most people lose 2-3+ inches from their belly button and 1-2+ inches from their jeans waist (where a typical pair of pants sits at the waist). And yes, in just one hour. If you don't have many inches to lose, you can still benefit from the detox and contour portions of the procedure.

Q: How long will my appointment take in total? A: For new wrap clients, you will need to fill out a bit of intake paperwork before being measured. You sit in the wrap for an hour, and an extra half hour is added to your appointment to allow time for you to change, be measure, and be wrapped. (Total 1 & 1/2 hours)

Q: Do I need to do anything special after my wrap? A: The main thing you need to do after you wrap is drink a gallon or so of water in the 24 hours following your wrap. This is critical to help flush toxins from your system.

Q: How often can I be wrapped? A: You can receive several wraps back-to-back; up to 4-6 in just one day! If you want the body wrap to do all the work for you, ask your technician if they have any wrap packages where you receive bulk discounts on your wraps. If you are actively working at a weight loss goal and want to speed up your progress and help prevent some of the loose skin, weekly to bi weekly wraps are for you. If you have already achieved your weight loss goals and are just looking for a regular detox to help maintain your shape, you may want to be wrapped only once every month or two.

Q: Are their any health conditions that should not be wrapped? A: Clients with circulation problems, excessively low or high blood pressure, diabetes, or clients who are pregnant should avoid these types of wraps.

Q: How long will my results last? A: Now this part has a lot to do with you! Healthy diet and lifestyle choices as well as a simple but effective twice a week workout can make all the difference in maintaining results from your wraps. Couch potatoes may only see results for a few weeks to a month, but with a 4-6 wrap series of contour body wraps, you can see results up to a year!

Don't forget, getting a body wrap and continue to eat unhealthy and not exercise is like going to the dentist and not brushing or flossing! You just can't expect your teeth to stay white and clean.

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