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I've been so excited ever since I heard images from a shoot I did with Emily Jane Photography were getting picked up by Style Me Pretty, and now I'm proud to say that the widely popular bridal blog has published the article! Our boho-chic styled shoot was set in a gorgeous green field to stay in line with the bohemian vibe, but little touches of glam from our AMAZING styling team helped bring the setting to life.


Head on over to see more of the glorious film images from Emily Jane Photography at:

Makeup: Glamour Productions Studios
Florals and Styling: Kill's Custom Creations
Photography: Emily Jane Photography
Calligraphy/Stationery: Kaitlin Parisho Designs
Models: L Loretta Maslanka & Steve Mikulak


Bridal Beauty Guide (as seen in SSLM Issue 35)


With all the wedding planning, one thing many brides forget to focus on is taking care of
their skin prior to the big day. A proper pre­-wedding skin care routine is key to ensuring a
glowing, radiant bride, and also helps set the stage for a even, long wearing makeup
application. Twice daily use of a cleanser-toner-­moisturiser regimen containing alpha
hydroxy acids, such as Alpha Hydrox, is a great idea for almost any skin type by helping
to improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity. It also helps normalize both dry and oily skin

To avoid irritation or reactions closer to the big day, you should start your new skincare
routine at least six months before tying the knot. This makes sure any spa treatments or
facials have the best chance at getting the results you need. A monthly facial, whether at
the spa or a DIY version at home should be on every bride (or groom!)­-to-­be’s checklist.
However, your should take care that your last facial be at least two weeks before the
wedding, and avoid more potent treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical
peels for two weeks to a month prior to the ceremony.

Makeup, check. Hair, check.
This one is a given, with the wedding pictures being one of the longest lasting
impressions of the day, the happy couple is typically wants to put their most
well­groomed foot forward. Even people who typically shy away from makeup should opt
for a bit of coverage for pictures. There are many makeup artists and hair stylists who
specialize in weddings, and scheduling a preview and consultation session is the best way to
ensure the exact look you want. Pros have years of experience and training and products
they know that last all day and night in almost any conditions, but the do-­it-­yourself
method has also been gaining quite a bit of popularity in the last few bridal seasons.

Pinterest is a great place to find wedding inspiration, and there are no shortage of
stunning bridal hair and makeup looks to browse. You can easily pin your favorite images,
and many of them link back to easy to follow tutorials. If you aren’t the type of person who
learns from watching a YouTube video another budget friendly option is hiring a
professional makeup artist for a lesson. They can show you a few looks that work with
your specific features, using makeup you already have, and you will be prepared to do
your own makeup for all of your pre­wedding celebrations as well. Above all, make sure
you are comfortable with your wedding look, and don’t let friends or family bully you into a
look that isn’t ‘you’.

Tattoos.. Cover or enhance?
Sometimes, covering up tattoos is required by certain cultural traditions or the parents
helping to pay for the wedding. In that case, your makeup artist should be able to conceal
your tattoo so that it looks like skin and will resist fading and product transfer onto your dress. There are also many tutorials available on YouTube if you would like to try it
yourself at home.

However, many brides these days are proud to show off their ink as they walk down the
aisle. If you are planning to show off your tattoos, choose a dress that flatters your tattoo
placement. For example, dresses with a dip in the back are great for upper back tattoos
and strapless or spaghetti strap gowns accentuate shoulder tattoos. Another trend that
has been on the rise is tattoo enhancement, where makeup artists airbrush and bedazzle
your tattoo to intensify and brighten colors, and even add glitter and gemstones.

Don’t wait ‘til the last minute!
As with the spa type facials, there are several other beauty fixes you will want to stay
away from close to the big day so that your skin is healthy and glowing. For example, if
you are planning to get your eyebrows, or any other facial hair waxed, plan to do so about
a week to 10 days before the wedding. This will ensure any redness or swelling will
subside, and makeup will be able to properly adhere to the skin. Body waxing should be
done at least three to four days ahead of time, more if you have never been waxed or if
your skin is particularly sensitive.

If you are planning to go tanning, opt for a spray tan instead of a bed to avoid harmful UV
rays. At home self-­tanner is also a great option, and St. Tropez is an industry favorite.
Just remember to exfoliate well the days leading up to the tanning, and get your tan about
5 days before the wedding to allow product to settle and avoid transfer onto your dress.
However, keep in mind you should do any waxing or shaving before you tan in order to
maintain a perfectly even glow. If you are new to tanning, make sure you make time for a
trial run in the months leading to the wedding. Also remember, white reflects light, so that
white dress may make what seemed to be a touch of color appear darker in


Ashlie Lauren